Journey Plus, Journey

The full function dash cam

A new generation Wi-Fi dash cam

The full function dash cam with rear camera


There are SD cards inserted already with the dashcams, you can simply start using the dashcams after purchase, without the hassles to look for other parts.

innowa Journey Plus is bundled with a 32GB Class10 MLC type SD card, which gives you adequate space to record both front and rear cam videos at the same time. 

innowa Journey is bundled with a 8GB Class10 MLC type SD card, this is good for the single camera dashcam for everyday use.

innowa Journey Plus comes with an independent rear camera which records videos with HD 720p (1280*720). You can record high quality videos/ pictures for front and rear cameras simultaneously , offering you full record of your driving journey and double safety.

About Recording

You can set the recording time of each video as 30 seconds or 1 minute.

1. The DVR will start continuous recording once you plugged in the power. These files could be found in the video folder.

2. For special events below, the DVR will record and put in the Event folder. 

(a) When G-sensor is triggered while you're driving. E.g. your car hit something.

(b) When you manually saved a file to event folder that you saved for later use. 

(c) Videos from the Parking Mode, either vibration detection or motion detection.

(For details of all the recording mechanism, please refer to the user manual) 

You can review video quality of innowa Journey/ Journey Plus (please make sure to set the YouTube player to 1080p to reflect the actual quality)

With built-in Wi-Fi that supports IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz and specially designed innowa Journey App (both iOS and Android), you can control the DVR from the smartphone through Wi-Fi connection to managefiles and change settings of the DVR.

innowa Journey/ Journey Plus enables you to preview and download videos from the dashcam to your smart phone with great speed and stability. Downloaded videos and pictures can be shared from your smart phone to any social media you like. Sharing dashcam videos have never been easier before!

Though the innowa Journey app and Wi-Fi function,



The 3-inch LCD monitor provides a large yet compact vision for easy operation and video review. You can also set the monitor to be on or off to suit your different driving needs.

With built-in SONY Exmor CMOS Image Sensor, excellent video quality is assured even during low light conditions.


The front camera records videos with Full HD 1080p (1920*1080), and we have enhance the image quality to make sure it will reflect the best quality of what you see in real life situation.

With 160 degree wide angle of view, you will not miss any important happening around you.


The Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology enables you to view the image smoothly under the condition of severe light contrast.

Sticker mount

We provide two mounts for you to install the dashcam. You can change and use the suitable one based on your needs.

Suction mount: easy to install and take off, great for travel use.

Sticker mount: can be installed firmly for a long period of time, best for everyday use.


The main unit of DVR has low-noise design so that it will not interfere the TV, radio or navigation in the car, making sure harmony for all your electronic devices. 

As the LED traffic light frequency are different between East Japan and West Japan, innowa Journey/ Journey Plus has been designed to support both East Japan and West Japan LED traffic light frequency, so there is no problem recording any traffic light across whole Japan.


With built-in GPS, you can record information including your geographical location, date, time, and speed on your videos and pictures automatically.

Video viewer software is provided for PC users. By inserting the SD card to your computer, you can play the driving videos simultaneously with the moving GPS location on the map.


innowa Journey/ Journey Plus can continue recording videos even when your car is parked, assuring continuous safety. You can choose between two parking modes each time:

1. Vibration detection: 

innowa Journey/ Journey Plus are all built in with a 3-axis G-sensor. Videos will be recorded automatically when the G-sensor has detected a vibration stimulus. For instance, when someone tries to open your car without a key, the DVR will start recording.

2. Motion detection: 

Videos will be recorded when the DVR sense a variation in the image of the front camera. For instance, it will capture a video when a person or a vehicle is passing by even without touching your car. (note: external power cable required, to be sold separately)

We offer 2 years warranty for both innowa Journey and innowa Journey Plus. You can enjoy your dashcam driving with a strong support.



Model name

Power-supply voltage


Consumption current

Maximum 10W 



Viewing angle (approx. & max.)


Sensor type

3 inch LCD color panel (TFT)


Diagonal: 160° /

Horizontal: 125° / Vertical: 61°

Front Camera:

Diagonal: 160° / Horizontal: 125° / Vertical: 61°

Rear Camera:

Diagonal: 125° / Horizontal: 98° / Vertical: 80°


Front Camera: F1.9

Rear Camera: F2.5


Measures for terrestrial digital noise


LED traffic signal


Frame rate


1080p@27.5fps, 720p@27.5fps, 720p@55fps

FULL HD 1080p (1920*1080) / HD 720p (1280*720)

Front camera: 

1080p@27.5fps, 720p@27.5fps, 720p@55fps

Rear Camera720@25fps

Front camera:

FULL HD 1080p (1920*1080) / HD 720p (1280*720)

Rear camera: HD 720p (1280*720) 

Recording mode

Video recording / Event recording (G-sensor / Manually control / Parking mode)

Parking mode

Support (Vibration detection / Motion detection)

Recording interval

30 seconds / 1 mintues

Audio recording

Built-in microphone for audio recording (option for ON/OFF)

Movie format


Still image format


Image correction


Dedicated viewer software

DVR, smartphone (photo album, exclusive application etc.), computer (exclusive viewer software, Windows standard Windows Media Player, etc.)

MicroSD card

microSDHC card Class 10 or higher recommended (Support Max. 32GB)




Free app


Support (3 sensitivity of G-sensor modes for option)

Available at Apple Store & Google Play Store (support IOS 8.0 or above & Android 4.0 or above)



Social media sharing function

Body dimensions (approx. in mm)

28(W) x 87.5(L) x 54(H)




Front camera







Rear camera

Front camera:

28(W) x 87.5(L) x 54(H)

Rear camera:

23.35(W) x 23.01(L) x 23.22(H)

Body weights (approx. in g)


Front camera: 95

Rear camera: 150

Length of cigar plug cable (approx. in m)


Built-in battery

High heat-resistant Lithium-ion battery

Operating temperature range


Storage temperature range


What's included

MicroSD card

1pc, 8GB High endurance microSD card (MLC Class 10)

1pc, 32GB High endurance microSD card (MLC Class 10)

Rear camera



Cigar plug cord


Suction mounting


Sticker mounting


Instruction Manual



1pc (2-year)

Viewer software

It is stored in the included microSD card. If you accidentally deleted the dedicated viewer software, please download it from our website.

* Weight does not include bracket and cable

* Driving recorder has become exclusion designation item from the regulation of the front glass installation of Article 29 of the road transportation vehicle law security standard.

* If the driving recorder is crashed by a major accident, the images may not be recorded.

* The driving recorder is an aid to accident verification. It does not guarantee the effect as evidence of the accident.

* Please do not operate the driving recorder or gaze at the LCD screen etc. while driving.


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